Search across all your knowledge platforms - directly from the Zendesk ticket view

Make your support agents up to 3x more productive by eliminating the need to switch between tabs or ask a colleague.

Putting an end to jumping between tabs - eliminating context switching and distractions

Search, preview, and apply knowledge from across the platforms your team uses every day, without leaving Zendesk.

Search and preview past Zendesk tickets and articles, Jira issues, past Slack conversations, Google Drive and Confluence docs, and much more.

Increase your team's productivity

Utilize the power of AI with suggested answers, while maintaining the flexibility to instantly filter between platforms - because sometimes you know best.

Simply select the platform where you think an answer lives and Traitly will return relevant answers within the blink of an eye. All from the comfort of your Zendesk account.

Scale your team more efficiently as your ticket volume grows

Traditionally, it has taken up to six months for new customer-facing team members to get fully up to speed.

Dramatically reduce time-to-productivity for new team members by enabling them to instantly search across all your platforms and tap into your company's tribal knowledge in Slack.

Integrates seamlessly with your existing tools

Get fully set up within a matter of minutes. Yes, really.

Looking for more reasons to try Traitly?

Happier teams and lower response times

Switching tabs, dealing with slow platform search, and a multitude of interfaces. Provide faster customer responses and build happier teams.

Reduce the number of case escalations

35% of case escalations happen because front-line teams cannot locate an existing answer. Empower teams on the front-line to solve more complex problems.

Reduce dependence on engineering teams

Enable your engineers to spend more time building great products, and less time answering repeated questions in noisy Slack channels.