Transform your customer-facing teams' productivity

Transform the productivity of your customer-facing teams with instant machine-learning powered search and knowledge creation tools

Create team knowledge up to 3x faster

Capture knowledge from any platform without switching context.

Find support answers and trouble-shooting docs up to 5x faster

Instantly search across all of your existing knowledge platforms.

Reduce employee onboarding time

Unlock tribal information. Give new team members access to all the team's knowledge. Deflect distracting and time-consuming Q&A in Slack.

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Instantly search across your existing knowledge platforms without switching tabs, anywhere within your browser.


Capture knowledge from any platform without switching context. Capture knowledge directly from Slack or any platform.

Share & Reuse Knowledge

Embed knowledge directly into your public knowledge base. Deflect time-consuming and repeated questions from colleagues in Slack.


Not all knowledge is created equal. Knowledge gets outdated as products and processes change. Ensure that everyone is on the right page.


Collect and organize knowledge from across your different platforms in a way that works for you.

AI-powered knowledge creation

Create internal and customer knowledge up to 3x faster. Every organization has their own language. Traitly learns your language and empowers your team as they type.

Integrates directly into your existing workflow

Search and create relevant internal and customer-facing knowledge, wherever you work. Teams no longer have to jump between platforms or frequently ask colleagues for assistance in solving complex cases.

Works seamlessly with your existing tools

Slack? Salesforce? Zendesk? Confluence? Jira? Google Drive? We've got you covered.

Looking for more reasons to try Traitly?

Infinitely scale your support team

Enable your customer support people to access help docs, team conversations, past cases, bugs and issues all from one place, no matter where they work.

Reduce the number of case escalations

35% of case escalations happen because front-line teams cannot locate an existing answer. Empower teams on the front-line to solve more complex problems.

Reduce dependence on engineering teams

Enable your engineers to spend more time building great products, and less time answering questions in noisy Slack channels.